How to learn Morse Code   visit this site.....   http://boyslife.org/games/online-games/575/morse-code-machine/ you do not have to download any software... you use it "on-line".. so it works on all platforms... Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android/Phones, etc.

To learn how to use CWCOM and make the best settings
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  1. From James. thx gerry. it was nice experience. see you brother

  2. Grazie Gerry per tua cortesia e pazienza.
    Avrai capito che sono poco pratico con il cw.
    Nel lontano 1969 ero operatore radio nel esercito (solo fonia)
    Adesso mi fa piacere imparare la telegrafia, alleniamo il cervello, HI!!
    Farò molti esercizi, sicuramente ci collegheremo ancora
    73 cordiali ciao da nuccio it9

  3. Roughly translated......

    Thanks Gerry for your kindness and patience. You understand that[i am not very good] with the cw. Way back in 1969 I was a radio operator in the Army (only voice) now I'm glad to learn telegraphy, train your brain, HI! I'll do many exercises, surely there will connect ancora73 friendly Hello from nuccio IT9